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Subject: You just cant make this stuff up [ Hey Gook, youre so busted!! ]
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Club Called Mecca for Transvestite Prostitution
March 02, 2017|ALAN C. MILLER | Times Staff Writer

At the Queen Mary, the grande dame of city drag shows, a female
impersonator recently quipped, "If you're cruising, you're in the
wrong room."

The sequin-bedecked performer then told the audience, apparently in
jest, that the pickup action is in the club's back bar.

Los Angeles police agree--but they say they find nothing humorous
about it. They say that action sometimes comes with a price tag.

The police say the Studio City club's back room, the King's Den, has
become a Mecca for transvestite prostitution. The North Hollywood vice
squad has made 70 arrests in the past year, mostly for soliciting
prostitution on or near the property. Officers say 15 arrests
originated inside the club and 55 on adjoining streets and a nearby
parking lot.

"Many of these dressed as females will approach other patrons and ask
them to buy them drinks, ask them to dance, and then they'll make a
date," said Police Lt. Raul F. Vega, who heads the vice squad. "A
'date' is a street term for soliciting an act of prostitution."