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Subject: Re: You just can't make this stuff up [ Hey Gook, you're so busted!! ]
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Subject: Re: You just cant make this stuff up [ Hey Gook, youre so busted!! ]
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2017 05:33:59 -0800
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On Mon, 27 Nov 2017 14:42:45 -0500, Suzy KKKohen<>

>Club Called Mecca for Transvestite Prostitution
>March 02, 2017|ALAN C. MILLER | Times Staff Writer
>At the Queen Mary, the grande dame of city drag shows, a female
>impersonator recently quipped, "If you're cruising, you're in the
>wrong room."
>The sequin-bedecked performer then told the audience, apparently in
>jest, that the pickup action is in the club's back bar.
>Los Angeles police agree--but they say they find nothing humorous
>about it. They say that action sometimes comes with a price tag.
>The police say the Studio City club's back room, the King's Den, has
>become a Mecca for transvestite prostitution. The North Hollywood vice
>squad has made 70 arrests in the past year, mostly for soliciting
>prostitution on or near the property. Officers say 15 arrests
>originated inside the club and 55 on adjoining streets and a nearby
>parking lot.
>"Many of these dressed as females will approach other patrons and ask
>them to buy them drinks, ask them to dance, and then they'll make a
>date," said Police Lt. Raul F. Vega, who heads the vice squad. "A
>'date' is a street term for soliciting an act of prostitution."

Yup.  Indeed.  You got, that right!


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