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Subject: Re: You just can't make this stuff up [ Hey Gook, you're so busted!! ]
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From: The Jews <>
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Subject: Re: You just cant make this stuff up [ Hey Gook, youre so busted!! ]
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2017 05:42:19 -0800
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Summary: Iudaeis rectores orbis terrarum
Keywords: Kicking Nazi Ass And Happily Nuremberging Them
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Gordon Radovich [], the anally-obsessed,
unemployable, impotent, glue-huffing, passportless, rope-dodging
pedophile nazi-wannabe bestiality-practicing Serbian coprophiliac,
proven by White Nationalist Scholars to be inferior to Asian peoples,
tried to cover up his abject fear of the fascist-slapping,
nazi-tormenting, totalitarian-taunting, superior Jews that torture him
daily, and reveal his complete and total ignorance, and expose his
countless excuses to avoid getting Nuremberged