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From: Bro. Edwards <bro.edwards@berkeley.edu>
Subject: Poll: Should NFL players be fired for 'taking a knee' during anthem?"Yes" 78%
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From: "Bro. Edwards" <bro.edwards@berkeley.edu>
Subject: Poll: Should NFL players be fired for taking a knee during anthem?
"Yes" 78%
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Any employee in the private sector bringing this kind of 
disgraceful unwanted attention to their employer would be fired 

What makes NFL players and owners different?

The fact that they're paid niggers and federally chartered slave 
masters by virtue of the left-wing media?

Make these NFL stadiums empty, Americans.

Put these spoiled communist children out of business.

But there was one team that got a reaction they weren't 
expecting from the fans. As the national anthem began to play 
before the New England Patriots versus Houston Texans game, 17 
Patriots players took a knee in protest.

But then, the crowd of 60,000 in the stadium began booing the 
players and screaming,