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Chiefs have a 50-yard touchdown in NFL record nine straight games
Posted by Michael David Smith on September 27, 2017, 9:28 AM EDT

The Chiefs just keep breaking big plays.

When Kareem Hunt ran for a 69-yard touchdown in the final minutes of the 
Chiefs’ win over the Chargers on Sunday, it represented the ninth 
consecutive game in which the Chiefs scored a touchdown of 50 yards or 
longer. That’s the longest streak in NFL history.

Hunt has done it in all three games of his NFL career. In Week Two Hunt 
had a 53-yard touchdown run, and in Week one Hunt had a 78-yard 
touchdown reception. Tyreek Hill added a 75-yard touchdown reception in 
Week One.

Hill scored a 95-yard punt return touchdown in the final game of the 
2016 regular season. The week before that Hill had a 70-yard touchdown 
run, and Travis Kelce had an 80-yard touchdown reception. Hill had a 
68-yard touchdown run the week earlier and a 78-yard punt return 
touchdown a week before that. Before that Albert Wilson had a 55-yard 
touchdown run. And a week before that, Hill got the streak started with 
an 86-yard touchdown on a free kick after a safety.

The Chiefs may be both the NFL’s best team, and the NFL’s most fun team.