From: poldy <>
Subject: Re: Halftime, KC 21 TN 3. Another Ex-49er leading the way.
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From: poldy <>
Subject: Re: Halftime, KC 21 TN 3. Another Ex-49er leading the way.
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2018 16:36:08 -0800
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On 1/7/18 11:25 AM, cao wrote:
> Your assessment of Smith is on the money. The silence from his biggest 
> fan-boy is deafening.......
> "Gary Rosen"  wrote in message news:p2sjfv$h2v$
> Not as much as it sucks to be a Chiefs' fan bwahahaha.  Last
> Chiefs' playoff win was 1994.  Guess who the QB was?
> By the way I haven't been nearly as down on Alex as most of
> the other 49er fans here.  Ask poldy about him.   But I'm not surprised
> you are illiterate.  I don't ignore his limitations, though, which is 
> why the
> Chefs lost today.  He'll play great for a while, then ... 3-and-out, 
> 3-and-out ...

Here's the thing.  You can say Smith got Nolan and Singletary fired.

Is Andy Reid going to take a chance keeping Smith for another year that 
he's under contract?

Though he may not be able to prep Mahomes to start by next year.