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From: Gary Rosen <>
Subject: Re: Halftime, KC 21 TN 3. Another Ex-49er leading the way.
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From: "Gary Rosen" <>
Subject: Re: Halftime, KC 21 TN 3. Another Ex-49er leading the way.
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2018 01:03:41 -0800
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I think you are being slightly, though not entirely, unfair
to Smith.  Yes he played lousy under Nolan and Singletary
but that was their fault as well as his.  They were not good
coaches and were *really* bad offensive coaches.  When
he finally got good coaching under Harbs his play improved,
but still clearly not "elite" level.

Also I don't think he "chokes" but is just inconsistent.  He
has games like this where he gives his team a big lead
and then fritters it away, and others where he plays poorly
and then comes back later.  He actually has more 4th quarter
comebacks than Rodgers in about as many games even though 
he is nowhere near as good.  Probably because he gives himself 
a lot more chances by playing badly in the first 3 quarters ...

"poldy"  wrote in message news:p2uedo$jj9$ 

On 1/7/18 11:25 AM, cao wrote:
> Your assessment of Smith is on the money. The silence from his biggest 
> fan-boy is deafening.......
> "Gary Rosen"  wrote in message news:p2sjfv$h2v$
> Not as much as it sucks to be a Chiefs' fan bwahahaha.  Last
> Chiefs' playoff win was 1994.  Guess who the QB was?
> By the way I haven't been nearly as down on Alex as most of
> the other 49er fans here.  Ask poldy about him.   But I'm not surprised
> you are illiterate.  I don't ignore his limitations, though, which is 
> why the
> Chefs lost today.  He'll play great for a while, then ... 3-and-out, 
> 3-and-out ...

Here's the thing.  You can say Smith got Nolan and Singletary fired.

Is Andy Reid going to take a chance keeping Smith for another year that 
he's under contract?

Though he may not be able to prep Mahomes to start by next year.