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Subject: Re: Chiefs 21 Titans 22 Final
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Subject: Re: Chiefs 21 Titans 22 Final
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Boner troll socked up as nunya bidnits wrote:
> John Walsh wrote:
>> Damn poor defense.
> Fuck you - worthless and common TRAITOR to America who posted this in 
> the 49rs group:
>  > To have the Orange Idiot weigh in on the protest and use it as another
>  > wedge to further divide the people of this country is ridiculous.
>  >
>  > People have short memories when it comes to social protest, the flag
>  > and what was acceptable. Anyone have fond memories of the 60's and
>  > 70's when the country tore itself apart over Vietnam?
>  >
>  > The brouhaha over protesting during the anthem is minor compared to
>  > what happened in the past. The only person benefiting from all of this
>  > is the fucking idiot in the White House.
>  > This is a country founded on the concept of freedom of expression.
>  > There is no special situation where that concept is abrogated. It's a
>  > kind of a contradition when people complain about honoring the flag,
>  > yet they wear it as clothing.
>  >
>  > When you can say without lying that the military has big problems with
>  > racism. I'll believe you about it being an inclusive oganization.
>  >
>  > Mouthy children?  Well, how about you step on the field and risk your
>  > health to entertain the NFL fans?  With the constant knowledge that
>  > doing that one a weekly basis is might to leave you unable to name
>  > your children or find your way home from the store after you retire.
>  >
>  > Those are men, risking a lot to earn a living.
> You defile every man and woman who ever put their mortal life in peril 
> to serve this very nation in our military, you Goddamned worthless 
> traitor SCUM!
> Now you are known to all for just who and what you are, you bastard.
Yer PWNED by John Walsh, Marty Bodine, Steve Wertz, and *ME* sawed 
off Boner Troll!