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From: esta vieja casa <canu@ti.llo>
Subject: Attention Everyone
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From: esta vieja casa <canu@ti.llo>
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Subject: Attention Everyone
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____            ____
  _,',--.`-.      _,',--.`-.
<_ ( () )  >  ( <_ ( () )  >    ATTENTION EVERYONE
   `-:__;,-'    \  `A:__:,-'
                 \ / \           SORRY IF I'M A LITTLE TEARY RIGHT NOW
                  ((  )
                   \-'           BUT I JUST HAD THE FIRST
                    \            HONEST SHIT I'VE HAD IN DECADES
          (           )


My mental health professional has directed me to apologize to this
group at large and to Marty and Steven in specific for acting out
here. A change in my medications is being made to address a disorder I
have been experiencing this summer. I will be monitored, but I am no
longer allowed to engage in certain activities I previously have
enjoyed as they exacerbate my condition. I apologize for being
disruptive, in a better state of mind this was generally not an issue
for me.