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Subject: Re: Attention Everyone
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Subject: Re: Attention Everyone
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On 2/8/2018 3:06 PM, John Walsh wrote:
> On Sun, 4 Feb 2018 12:36:37 -0700, Sqwertz<swertz@cluemail.compost>
> wrote:
>> On 1/26/2018 7:15 PM, esta vieja casa wrote:
>>>       ____            ____
>>>    _,',--.`-.      _,',--.`-.
>>> <_ ( () )  >  ( <_ ( () )  >    ATTENTION EVERYONE
>>>     `-:__;,-'    \  `A:__:,-'
>>>                   \ / \           SORRY IF I'M A LITTLE TEARY RIGHT NOW
>>>                    ((  )
>>>                     \-'           BUT I JUST HAD THE FIRST
>>>                      \            HONEST SHIT I'VE HAD IN DECADES
>>>                       \
>>>            (           )
>>>             `-'"`-----'
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>   >> Omelet wrote:
>>   >
>>   >> He hates me 'cause I never slept with him...
>>   >
>>   > He hates himself because he is all he has to sleep with
>>   > I don't know, sometimes he used to seem normal, then he went petty
>>   > trough vindictive and now I just shun contact. I have enough crazies to
>>   > deal with in my world without encouraging those who refuse to take their
>>   > meds.
>> For the record, I never once even considered sleeping with you.  And
>> you know that.  You're the one who somehow got the idea that I was
>> going to move in with you - and you posted that to RFC just out of the
>> total blue.
>> After having met you twice at casual gatherings 2 or 3
>> years ago and not giving you any indication that there was any sort of
>> romantic interest in the least, you somehow twisted that into MY
>> That was just way too Psycho for me.  I sat there at stared at the
>> screen for at least 15 minutes wondering, WTF?  That was just way too
>> spooky.  I've met weird, semi-psycho women before but you win, hands
>> down.  Mapi of austin.general still holds the male title, but at least
>> he announced his psychosis right there lying on the floor of the bar
>> at B.D. Reilly's rather than romantically obsessing over me for 2
>> years.
>> Needless to say, you need to come to terms with what happened and why
>> your mind works that way and stop making up excuses for your fixation
>> and disappointment before we become the next Yoli and Michael.  I'd
>> prefer you use a sniper rifle on me from a few hundred yards away.
>> There you go - a reason for you to buy yet another gun and ammo.
>> And Jeremy, I was just tired of your decade of bullshit and visions of
>> grandeur about all these things you're "working on" or have not done
>> in the past.  Even posting a call for meetings with imaginary people
>> about imaginary projects of yours at "the normal time and place", as
>> if you are somebody important with a life.  I'm pretty sure you're
>> manic depressive mixed with habitual liar.
>> Sorry I don't fit either of your Ideal Psycho Pal Profiles.
>> -sw
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Imbecile!
My mental health professional has directed me to apologize to this
group at large and to Marty and Steven in specific for acting out
here. A change in my medications is being made to address a disorder I
have been experiencing this summer. I will be monitored, but I am no
longer allowed to engage in certain activities I previously have
enjoyed as they exacerbate my condition. I apologize for being
disruptive, in a better state of mind this was generally not an issue
for me.!search/$20W.$20Lohman!search/casa$20boner