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Subject: ▼ MARLEY ▼ [Stir Advertiser] THURSTON 1066 \ 1893 A.D. d.n.a. genes animal gang [Pet Smart]
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                  THURSTON:  1066 A.D.

   Any Stupid Englishman (Fleawood Mac) Who Is
   Proud Of Their Pathetic Genes, Needs To Study
   The Thurston Family Line And They Will Then
   Know That The:  THURSTONS
   Were The First Family Of Thieves Listed As
   New Land Owners, Norman Invader (1066 A.D.) Thieves
   In England ---- Ireland, Etc.


ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ
ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ

Lorrin Thurston Recommended Deporting
Hawai'ian Queen Lili'uokalani From Hawai'i

Dole Thurston Letter (secret)
13 June, 1893

ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ
ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ ᴎᴢ

   "Yet this is exactly what the quasi Americans,
     who call themselves Hawaiians now and Americans
     when it suits them, claimed the right to do
     at Honolulu."

                 -- Queen Liliuokalani
                    Hawaii's Story By Hawaii's Queen (1898)
                    CHAPTER XXXIX (39)

HAWAI'I <—— EVIL AMERICA  (Illegal Take-Over Of Hawai'ian Kingdom)

"As I look back upon the first steps in this miserable
business, and as I contemplate the means used to complete
the outrage, I am ashamed of the whole affair"

               — Former President Grover Cleveland

"Therefore the military occupation of Honolulu by the
United States...was wholly without justification....
The Provisional Government owes its existence to an
armed invasion by the United States"

               — President Grover Cleveland
                    Speech to Congress
                    December 18, 1893

"If the Queen's troops should have attacked the Provisional
Government troops our men were in danger of being injured,
which might have brought them into collision with the
Queen's troops.  The same is true if the Provisional
Government troops advanced on the Palace.  If American
troops were landed to protect American property and the
persons of American citizens, their location at this place,
unfortunately, signified a different purpose."

"The requests of the Committee of Safety on which the
landing of troops was made, did not ask for the protection
of the property and persons of American citizens."

              — Blount to Gresham, May 6, 1893,
                   Blount Report, p. 527

"Why had they landed when everything was at peace?
I was told it was for the safety of American citizens and
the protection of their interests.  Then why had they
not gone to the residences, instead of drawing in line
in front of the Palace gates, with guns pointed at us?"

               — Hawai'i Queen Lili'uokalani


         Illegal U.S. Military Take-Over
         Of Hawai'ian Kingdom Almost Exactly
         20 Years Later (January 16, 1893)

U.S. Secretary of War W. Belknap sent military spies
to survey and map Pearl Harbor, and to evaluate its
military and commercial advantages.

On January 15, 1873, Major General John Schofield,
commander of the United States Army Division of the
Pacific, and Brigadier General B.S. Alexander of the
Corps of Engineers, arrived in Honolulu, supposedly
on a two month vacation trip.  They were spies, under
orders to report about:

   ...the defense capabilities of their different
   ports and their commerce facilities, and to
   examine into any other subjects that may occur
   to you as desirable, in order to collect all
   information that would be of service to the
   Country in the event of war with a powerful

             — Alexander and Schofield to Belknap,
                  May 8 1873
                  Blount Report p. 315-316

   It is believed the objects of this visit to
   the Sandwich Islands will be best accomplished
   if your visit be regarded as a pleasure
   excursion which may be joined in by your
   citizen friends.

            — Belknap to Alexander and Schofield,
                 Kuykendall, vol. II, p 248

The Schoefield and Alexander report stressed the
significance of Pearl Harbor for naval and commercial
purposes, and suggested that Hawai'i should give
Pearl River to the United States in exchange for a
reciprocity treaty.  They noted that the Hawaiian

   ...seem(s) fully alive to the necessity of
   relieving their principal independence from
   the heavy burden under which it now suffers,
   and no other mode of relief seems possible
   but annexation reciprocity.

            — Blount Report, p. 158,
                 and American Historical Review

As the secret report was being prepared, U.S. Minister
Peirce informed Secretary of State Hamilton Fish
that Pearl Harbor is "sufficiently spacious" to
provide safety for several hundred ships.

           — Henry Peirce to Fish, February 10, 1873,
                Blount Report, p.153

For nearly 25 years, Schofield and Alexander's spy
mission and their secret report were kept from the
American public and the people of Hawai'i.  The
report was finally declassified in 1897 to support
annexation in Congress.

Schofield served many years in influential policy
making positions, including a brief stint as Secretary
of war in 1868, and as Commanding General of the
U.S. Army from 1888-1895.  The U.S. military honored
General Schofield by naming Schofield Barrack on
O'ahu after him.

            — Information received from U.S. Army


Within two days (January 19, 1893),
After Queen Yielded To Superior U.S. Military Forces,
14 nations recognized the Illegal Provisional Government:

       Germany                  Belgium
       Austro-Hungary       Mexico
       Italy                         Chile
       Russia                     Peru
       Spain                       Great Britain
       Sweden                   China
       The Netherlands     Denmark

                      — Blount Report
                           p. 228-232


Ras Mikaere Enoch Mc Carty
Maangai Kaawanatanga - Tainui Kiingitanga - Te Aotearoa
http://www.exorcist.org.nz          Ko te Mana Motuhake

      "have caused the decrease of the native population of
       these islands.  Such are gonorrhea, and other social
       disease;  prostitution;  the illusion of his being a
       god [which led to] worship of him (James Cook);
       fleas and mosquitoes;  epidemics.

                     —  Extract from Ka Nupepa Ku'oko'a
                           February 16, 1867