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From: Daniel Cook <dcook@jmb.com>
Subject: Happy Kwanzaa | Niggers - Voat
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From: "Daniel Cook" <dcook@jmb.com>
Subject: Happy Kwanzaa | Niggers - Voat
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No, I'm not seriously wishing you Happy Kwanzaa. We're not 
niggers. I just thought some of you might be interested by this 
post by John Derbyshire on the origin of the fake African 

Black psycho invents fake holiday for sucker white liberals. One 
of the more embarrassing manifestations of American white 
liberal guilt is Kwanzaa, the bogus holiday invented by the 
black communist psychopath Ron Karenga in 1966.

Kwanzaa has been mocked and debunked so comprehensively, by so 
many capable writers, it