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From: Daniel Cook <dcook@jmb.com>
Subject: Merry Kwanzaa or whatever
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From: "Daniel Cook" <dcook@jmb.com>
Subject: Merry Kwanzaa or whatever
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If you didn't know better you might think that the word 
Christmas was the dirtiest of dirty words and one not worthy of 
being uttered in public. Salvation Army bell ringers with their 
red kettles, Christmas carols, colored lights and Christmas 
trees are now increasingly considered to be "controversial." 
Celebration of the 'holidays' abound but to actually spot the 
word Christmas is increasingly rare and worthy of notice. Both 
corporate America and government institutions have abandoned the 
spiritual, cultural and traditional celebrations of Christmas.

Instead, the Winter Holiday PC police prowl the nation 
threatening public schools who might dare to have red and green 
napkins at their annual holiday party during the Winter Break. 
Anything that might remotely trigger the word Christmas or 
conjure up images of a baby in a manger has become a target ripe 
for extermination. No longer are we treated to Merry Christmas 
at retailers but are forced to settle for a vague Happy Holidays 
as we rush to pick up our 'holiday tree' at the local haven of 
mass consumption. Of course, it would appear that the fact that 
the word holiday is a shortened version of holy day has escaped 
those seeking to purify the public spaces from the evils of 
Christianity. Just wait until they figure out that the fat, 
jolly man in the red suit is loosely associated with a 4th 
century bishop and saint. What a mess that will turn out to be.

But not only do our liberal masters demand the dilution of our 
current Christmas celebrations but the reverent celebration and 
commemoration of entirely new holidays to help replace it.

The following incident below took place a few years ago but I 
believe it is one worth sharing.

My business banked with Wells Fargo so I visited the local 
branch on a daily basis. As the formerly Christmas season was 
upon us they had put up some very generic signs up about the 
holidays in 'non-Christmas colors' and then had a big sign 
talking about Wells Fargo's commitment to the seven principles 
of Kwanzaa. There are no references to Christmas whatsoever and 
the usual salute to the relatively minor Jewish holiday of 
Hanukkah was noticeably absent.

When I spoke with one of the tellers and mentioned their lack of 
Christmas references she proudly pointed out a newly erected 
Christmas tree as their commitment to Christmas. It was slowly 
and patiently explained to me that Kwanzaa is a 'cultural' 
holiday and not a religious one so it's 'ok' for them to refer 
to it by name. She then proceeded to tell me about a number of 
complaints from customers that they had received in regards to 
their primary focus on Kwanzaa. Apparently, I was not the only 
one who remembered the reason for the season and what holiday 
the vast majority of Americans actually celebrate.

You have really got to hand it to those public relations experts 
at Wells Fargo. What a bunch of spineless, politically correct 
dolts. I wonder if they are aware that the founder of Kwanzaa 
rejected Christmas and believed that blacks shouldn't celebrate 
a "white man's holiday?" I, for one, proudly saluted Well's 
Fargo Bank for performing exhaustive research in preparation for 
the annual 'Christmas controversy.'

So as I returned to my local Wells Fargo bank the following day 
the Kwanzaa sign had been removed and I asked again if there had 
been some complaints. At this the teller stated that they were 
tired of the complaints and then she rather icily informed me 
that mine "had been the last straw." Apparently Wells Fargo had 
not appreciated my informal research into the acceptance of 
Kwanzaa by the general public. And my earlier politely stated, 
but pointed complaint about this anti-white holiday designed by 
a neo-Marxist, celebrating black nationalism, and crafted to 
help diminish the Jewish-Christian heritage of this country was 
just enough to tip the balance. Chalk one up for Christmas.

Some may say that at best we may gain only small, paltry 
victories in our opposition to the gangs of grinches. The fact 
that there is a "Christmas controversy" at all reflects the 
spiteful vision and hateful pettiness of those who tirelessly 
toil to remove every vestige of Christianity, and religion in 
general, from the sight and sound of the average citizen. The 
concept that in this great country we have the freedom of 
religion, not the freedom from religion, seems to elude them. 
And so every victory in regards to this battle, whether big or 
small, is a sweet and important victory indeed.

So what is one to do but to personally take a few small, but 
courageous, steps to help fight off the stifling cultural 
tyranny by those who so desperately seek to drive Christ from 
Christmas. By standing up for principle, individually and 
collectively, the good guys might just win one once in a while.

"People think it's African, but it's not. I came up with Kwanzaa 
because black people wouldn't celebrate it if they knew it was 
American. Also, I put it around Christmas because I knew that's 
when a lot of Bloods were partying."