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Subject: Re: Police: 'No evidence' of excessive force in Michael Bennettincident
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Subject: Re: Police: No evidence of excessive force in Michael Bennett
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On 09/30/2017 07:52 AM, Bro. Edwards wrote:
> Police said Friday they found "no evidence" that officers used 
> excessive force in detaining Seattle Seahawks defensive end 
> Michael Bennett during an August incident in Las Vegas and that 
> they had reasonable suspicion to make the stop.
> Bennett has accused police officers of racial profiling, saying 
> they pointed guns at him and used excessive force in the 
> incident, which occurred outside a nightclub after the Floyd 
> Mayweather Jr.-Conor McGregor fight on Aug. 26.
> The body camera of the officer who initially detained Bennett 
> was not turned on. Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said Friday 
> that police sorted through 861 videos, including from body 
> cameras from other officers and hotel security cameras, and 
> found that 193 were pertinent to the investigation. From there, 
> they said they pieced together a timeline of the incident and 
> played video for the media at a news conference. They said 
> Bennett's detainment lasted about 10 minutes, seven of which 
> were spent in a police car.
> The video shown by police showed an officer with his weapon 
> drawn over Bennett on the sidewalk. Police said Bennett was 
> handcuffed, moved to a police vehicle and spoken to by another 
> officer, who told Bennett that police were looking for an active 
> shooter. After an exchange with police that lasted a few 
> minutes, police took the handcuffs off Bennett and he was told 
> he could leave. Bennett shook one of the officers' hands and 
> walked away.
> Lombardo said the internal investigation showed that the 
> officers behaved "appropriately and professionally" and that 
> "the incident was not about race." He said two other individuals 
> were also detained in a similar manner, one black and one 
> Hispanic.
> Bennett told reporters earlier this month that the incident was 
> "a traumatic experience for me and my family" and he was 
> considering filing a civil rights lawsuit.
> Bennett first gave his side of the incident on Twitter on Sept 
> 6. He said that officers pointed guns at him "for doing nothing 
> more than simply being a black man in the wrong place at the 
> wrong time" and ordered him to lie down on the ground.
> Bennett wrote that one officer, with his gun drawn, warned him 
> that he would "blow my f---ing head off" if he moved. Another 
> officer jammed his knee into Bennett's back and handcuffed him, 
> according to Bennett.
> "The Officers' excessive use of force was unbearable," Bennett 
> wrote. "I felt helpless as I lay there on the ground handcuffed 
> facing the real-life threat of being killed. All I could think 
> of was 'I'm going to die for no other reason than I am black and 
> my skin color is somehow a threat.'"

Seems like a phobia about being black and that it meant everyone is out
to get him.....

Perhaps the Liberal media and schools tweaked his fears and have him
acting irrational when in fact the police do that very thing to all
races. "I would have said" they violated the constitution because they
have no power to handcuff and detain you without a warrant. Because it
wasn't an active pursuit.  They were just looking for someone and that's
NOT a pursuit.  Chasing someone and setting up a dragnet to find someone
are totally different uses of the Constitution.  And by being such a
whiner and a phobic person he lost the support of all the other races
tat were NOT stopped in this one single episode.  He could have had
different support for his cause had he NOT been so self absorbed and
phobic that his being black was the origin of the entire issue.

That's Karma

It's Liberal-Democrats who are determining for everyone, who and why
they should be offended.