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Goodell trying to 'pacify' NFL owners over anthem protests: Lou Holtz
Published October 19, 2017 Sports  FOXBusiness Opens a New Window.

NFL's Roger Goodell doesn't want to upset owners: Lou Holtz
Former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz reacts to NFL commissioner 
Roger Goodell saying the league will not change its national anthem policy.
Former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz on Thursday said NFL 
commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision to not make any rule changes 
related to the national anthem is in the best interest of the league.

“All he is trying to do is pacify the owners,” Holtz told FOX Business’ 
Elizabeth MacDonald. “He is not making a statement [on] anything except 
what’s in the best interest of the league as he feels at the present time.”

After this week’s meeting on the national anthem protests, free agent 
quarterback Colin Kaepernick fired back at Goodell without uttering a word.

Kaepernick, who’s been mostly silent since becoming an NFL free agent, 
took to social media by re-tweeting a post aimed at the NFL commissioner.