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Subject: List of current National Football League consecutive playoffappearances
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Subject: List of current National Football League consecutive playoff
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My question is, what is normal cycle?
So I asked, 'in nfl what is longest current streak of winning seasons?'

List of current National Football League consecutive playoff appearances

The following is a list of National Football League teams with the most 
consecutive active seasons appearing in the playoffs. Thus the teams 
eligible are the teams that have qualified for the 2016 NFL Playoffs by 
either winning one of the eight divisions or by winning a wildcard spot 
at the conclusion of the 16 game regular season.
Note: Super Bowl appearances during streak in parentheses; victories in 
8 seasons: New England Patriots (XLVI, XLIX, LI),
   & Green Bay Packers (XLV)
5 seasons: Seattle Seahawks (XLVIII, XLIX)
3 seasons: Pittsburgh Steelers
2 seasons: Kansas City Chiefs, Houston Texans

Inside that wiki is also:
Current consecutive 9+ win seasons[edit]
NE Patriots - 16!!!
Seattle - 5
Denver - 5
KC chiefs - 4
Pittsburgh Steelers	3	
Green Bay Packers	3	
Houston Texans          3

also inside and interesting
Most consecutive playoff appearances all time (1945-89)
Browns 1946-55  10
Cowboys  9
Steelers & Rams 8

Patriots' streak of winning seasons best since Montana/Young 49ers ...
Dec 4, 2012 - Patriots' streak of winning seasons best since 
Montana/Young 49ers ... With 12 straight winning records, the Patriots 
have by far the longest active streak in ... the longest streak of 
consecutive winning seasons in NFL history, ...

or, for losing:

Here are the longest stretches of consecutive losing seasons for NFL 
teams that have been playing continuously since at least 1961, with the 
current name of the franchise. Although the Baltimore Ravens 
“officially” began in 1996, their totals include the old Cleveland 
Browns’ records, for the sake of comparisons. There were no 1996-98 
Cleveland Browns.


Vikings        3

Jets        4

*Ravens        4

Cowboys        5

Packers        5

Redskins        5

Chiefs        6

Titans        6

Bears        7

Bills        7

Chargers        7

Eagles        7

Patriots        7

Raiders        7

49ers        8

Giants        8

Steelers        8

Cardinals        9

Colts        9

Rams        9

Broncos        10

Lions         10

* Combined Baltimore Ravens/old Cleveland Browns

SOURCES: Staff research, pro-football-reference.com