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NFL power rankings, Week 12: ESPN, CBS Sports, SB Nation, and more
We’ve got a look at Week 12 media power rankings. The 49ers hold steady 
for the most part following their bye.
by David Fucillo@davidfucillo  Nov 21, 2017, 11:20am PST

The San Francisco 49ers are through their bye week, as Week 11 has 
officially come to an end. The Seattle Seahawks lost to the Atlanta 
Falcons on Monday Night Football, and now the 49ers and Seahawks get 
ready to face each other this Sunday. We’ll find out if Jimmy Garoppolo 
gets the start and how the injury report is looking as the 49ers begin 
the final six weeks of the season.

The end of Week 11 brings with it media NFL power rankings for Week 12. 
Since the 49ers did not play, they did not move much at all. For the 
most part, they either remained in their No. 30 position at a lot of 
places, or were dropped a single spot. SB Nation remains the high spot, 
listing them at No. 27. MMQB does a composite ranking, and one of their 
rankers listed the 49ers No. 25.

Several places have them sitting at No. 31, likely due to the New York 
Giants win over the Kansas City Chiefs. Given how bad the 49ers are, I 
think a win over the Giants should have been enough to keep them 
permanently ahead of the G-men. Instead, they get knocked down a spot.

The bottom of the NFL includes the 49ers (1-9), Giants (2-8), Cleveland 
Browns (0-10), Denver Broncos (3-7), Chicago Bears (3-7), and 
Indianapolis Colts (3-7). The Colts and Broncos are closer to the AFC 
playoff picture given the 5-5 team in the mix there, but these six teams 
are for the most part, competing at the bottom of the league.

The 49ers beat the Giants and lost to the Colts, and travel to face the 
Bears in two weeks. While there are three games separating this group 
from each other, I don’t think one jumps too far over another. There are 
no gimmes for anybody in this group.

And with that, here is a look at Week 12 NFL power rankings from around 
the media.

SB Nation: 27

Bleeding Green Nation: 30

Bye week. Next up: a home game against Seattle.
ESPN: 31

Train wreck: It's hard to say a 1-9 team is anything but a train wreck. 
But -- if Jimmy Garoppolo takes over at quarterback and shows his 
potential (he had an 89 Total QBR in two starts last season) -- the 
49ers would have hope going into next season.
Yahoo! Sports: 31

The next four games feature teams with bad-to-mediocre defenses: 
Seahawks (the injuries make them a lot less intimidating), Bears, Texans 
and Titans. If the 49ers are that worried about Jimmy Garoppolo being 
rushed — I find this whole situation really strange — they’ll have four 
decent spots to get him work in the upcoming weeks.
CBS Sports: 30

They got their first victory of the season before the bye, and now face 
a tough home game with Seattle. The question now is when does Jimmy 
Garoppolo take over?
NFL.com: 30

Much discussion about whether the 49ers would start Jimmy Garoppolo 
after the Week 11 bye. It makes sense, given that he has been deemed the 
future, and the bye provides an additional week of practice for the 
recent trade acquisition. But putting aside the fact that the next 
opponent is Seattle, why would the Niners want to erase the good vibes 
of their most recent win by supplanting the guy who helped deliver it? 
Not to mention, C.J. Beathard is no schmuck. He was a third-round pick. 
While the cost of trading for Garoppolo was a second-rounder, meaning 
the organization has more invested in him, surely GM John Lynch and 
coach Kyle Shanahan want to evaluate both quarterbacks as thoroughly as 
possible. He had a rough go early, but Beathard's passer rating versus 
the Giants was only 123.4. Not bad.
SI: 30

Last Week’s Rank: 30
Points in MMQB Power Poll: 47
Highest-Place Vote: 25th
Lowest-Place Vote: 31st (10)
Last Week’s Result: bye week
Week 12 Opponent: vs. Seattle
Bleacher Report: 30

I'm interested to see what the 49ers do coming out of the bye week. Will 
they pull the trigger and start Jimmy Garoppolo against the Seattle 
Seahawks this week?

If it were me, this is the week I'd insert Garoppolo. The Seattle 
defense is banged up, and it isn't nearly as strong as its reputation. 
The other benefit for Garoppolo would be that the Seahawks only play a 
couple of different coverages. It's not like he would have to overthink 
at the line of scrimmage.

The 49ers are not a good team, but they can be dangerous. Kyle Shanahan 
can dial up some big plays in the pass game, and the rushing attack with 
Carlos Hyde is legit.
NJ.com: 30

Will Jimmy Garoppolo play this season? Now that a win is in the books, 
this feels like the most pressing question around this franchise.
Washington Post: 31

Isn’t it about time to see Jimmy Garoppolo in a game?
Detroit Free Press: 31

No love for those on bye this week, especially if you're this bad. 
Perhaps we should waited until they play against/lose to Seattle on 
Sunday, huh?
NESN: 31

Will we see Jimmy Garoppolo in Week 12?
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