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Subject: Seattle to play Raiders on Oct. 14 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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London calls on Seahawks: Seattle to play Raiders on Oct. 14 at 
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Originally published January 11, 2018 at 7:59 am Updated January 11, 
2018 at 8:37 am
Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett celebrates his kickoff return for a 
touchdown in the first half on Dec. 31 against Arizona. (Bettina Hansen 
/ The Seattle Times)
Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett celebrates his kickoff return for a 
touchdown in the first half on Dec. 31 against Arizona. (Bettina Hansen 
/ The Seattle Times)

The Seahawks will play the Raiders in London on Oct. 14 in just the 
team's second regular season game outside of the United States.

By Bob Condotta
Seattle Times staff reporter
The Seahawks will go International in 2018 as the NFL announced Thursday 
morning Seattle will play the Oakland Raiders on Oct. 14 at Tottenham 
Hotspur Stadium. That is week six of the NFL season.

The game is one of three in the NFL’s International Series of games that 
will be played in London in 2018. The new Tottenham Hotspur Stadum seats 
61,000 (it even has its own Twitter page) with the Seahawks-Raiders 
being the first NFL game to be played there. Tottenham’s new stadium 
becomes the third venue to stage a regular-season game in the UK, 
joining Wembley Stadium and Twickenham Stadium and it has been built 
specifically to host NFL games, meaning sightlines and lockerrooms 
similar to NFL stadiums in the United States.

It is the first time the Seahawks have played in London. They were one 
of just six teams left to not make the trip since the NFL started 
playing games there annually in 2007, which had led to much speculation 
that Seattle would get the call this year. Twenty nine of the 32 NFL 
teams will have played in London by the end of the 2018 season with the 
Eagles and Titans also making their debut there this year.

It will be a road game for Seattle and a home game for the Raiders, 
which had also led to speculation that would be the matchup since 
Oakland had to play a game there this year as a team in a temporary home 

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The Seahawks announced that ticket information will be announced by NFL 
UK on Jan. 18. Fans interested in receiving the latest information on 
attending games in London should register at www.ticketmaster.com/nfl.

It will be the second regular season game for Seattle outside of the 
United States as the Seahawks also played Buffalo in Toronto on Dec. 16, 
2012, a game Seattle won 50-17.

Seattle also played a preseason game against Denver in Tokyo in 1990 and 
another against the 49ers in Vancouver in 1998.

A Seattle-to-London flight is estimated at 4,781 miles. That would be 
the longest trip in history for a Seattle team that annually travels as 
much as any team in the NFL. The Seahawks reported that they flew 25,688 
miles for their eight regular season games this year, the sixth-highest 
total in the NFL

For the Seahawks, a road game would be ideal for the obvious reason of 
not having to give up one of their eight home games.

Teams are often given byes following the trip to London, so that could 
mean Seattle’s bye will be in week seven, or the weekend of Oct. 21.


Seattle’s other road opponents next season are the Arizona Cardinals, 
San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Denver Broncos and 
Carolina Panthers.

To ease travel Seattle could play one of its other road games the week 
prior to the London trip, specifically the game at Carolina.

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Other London games this year include Philadelphia-Jacksonville and 
Tennessee-Los Angeles Chargers. The NFL is playing just three games in 
London this year instead of four in part due to wanting to make sure the 
game in Tottenham goes well before scheduling more games there.

Dates and times for the entire 2018 NFL schedule are not expected to be 
set until April.

Seattle’s home opponents next year are the Los Angeles Rams, Arizona 
Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, 
Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers and Dallas Cowboys.

Bob Condotta: 206-515-5699 or bcondotta@seattletimes.com; on Twitter: 
@bcondotta. Bob Condotta covers the Seahawks for the Seattle Times. He 
provides daily coverage of the team throughout the year.