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Subject: Pep talk with every drop!
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Subject: Pep talk with every drop!
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Pep talk with every drop!

Be resilient.
Be unstoppable.

Bet on yourself!

Buckle down and push forth!

Conquer today.

Don't waste a precious minute.
Don't wait to get started.
Don't give up on yourself.
Don't try harder.  Do harder!

Dust off and get up.

Elicit a few "wows" today.

Fire up those engines.

Flex your "can do" muscle.

Get back in the game.

Get through it.

Get back in there champ!

Go get it!

Hi-five yourself.

Impress yourself today

Inspire envy

It's yours for the taking.

Let's hear your battle cry.

Nothing you can't handle!

Power through!
Push on!
Put a little strut on it!

Seize the day.
The show must go on.  Or work.
Tough is your middle name.
Turn "can do" into "can did"!

You can do it and you know it.
You've survived tougher.