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From: Byker <byker@do~rag.net>
Subject: Enjoying the race wars? Thank the MSM
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Subject: Enjoying the race wars? Thank the MSM
From: "Byker" <byker@do~rag.net>
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The media love hate crimes because they seem to explain everything that’s
wrong with America and put the blame on someone who can handle it: white
people. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough hate crimes against blacks to go
around, and journalists are forced to invent them. What they don’t realize
is that the biggest hate crime hoax is the press itself.

By creating an imaginary reality where blacks are constantly under siege,
they are all but daring them to attack and murder whites. The media have
created the racial tension they were going for, only they got everything
backwards. In an attempt to create a fictional world where whites hate
blacks, they accidentally created a real one where blacks hate whites.

Here on Earth, criminals are getting away with murder. By ignoring gang
violence and pretending murder is about legal guns and cops, we are ignoring
the real victims—plenty of whom are white, but, ironically, the majority are
black. Of course we need to prosecute the thugs who are responsible, but
where is the media’s culpability?

Their mantra of “If it bleeds, it leads” has left them with blood on their
hands. By editing the Rodney King video so the public didn’t see him leading
a chase through residential neighborhoods and resisting arrest, they
instigated a riot. By doctoring Zimmerman’s 911 call, they polarized the
country and got people killed. By running with the rumor that Mike Brown had
his hands up, they leveled entire areas of St. Louis; and by pretending Eric
Garner was a street vendor who was strangled for no reason, they sealed our
fate as a racist nation on the brink.

Gangbangers are animals who deserve an early death, but at least they have
some rules. They tend to avoid killing a rival when he’s with his kids and
they keep their wars mostly within their own turf.

The media has no such boundaries. They are happy to plunge the entire
country into a state of chaos for a few extra dollars. They burn communities
to the ground and enable thousands of murders in order to get a desk by the
window or a pat on the back by the boss. Pushing the “Hands up, don’t shoot”
agenda isn’t as bad as personally torturing and murdering two white
teenagers, but you don’t get one without the other.