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Subject: Re: O'Reilly Returns to Fox News: 'I've Enjoyed My Summer Off'
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Subject: Re: OReilly Returns to Fox News: Ive Enjoyed My Summer Off
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On 09/28/2017 01:41 AM, Leroy N. Soetoro wrote:
> critics/2017/09/26/id/815966/
> A fired-up Bill O'Reilly returned to Fox News on Tuesday for the first 
> time since his April ouster, declaring his two decades as the face of the 
> network's prime-time lineup was "far and away the best job" he had ever 
> had – also denouncing the "far left" critics who tried to silence him.

O'Reilly was always to Liberal for me....  he wanted to give Obama a
chance to implement his Socialism to see if he could fix things and I
was sure that Socialism from Obama the Marxist was a failed policy.

In fact O'Reilly wouldn't call Obama a Socialist or Marxist, and I
happily espoused the truth, it was just a bridge too far for O'Reilly
and in the end the Liberals Socialists and Marxists were the ones that
he was silenced by.

I look at it as O'Reilly had his 15 minutes and he punted..... He didn't
take the bull by the horns, on the other hand Hannity did call Obama a
Socialist from day one, and look who's still standing when the dust

That's Karma