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Subject: Re: NFL Camera Operators Told not to Show Booing Crowd When PlayersKnelt During Anthem
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Subject: Re: NFL Camera Operators Told not to Show Booing Crowd When Players
Knelt During Anthem
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On 9/28/17 3:13 PM, Ubiquitous wrote:
> wrote:
>> FPP<> wrote:
>>> On 9/28/17 7:24 AM, Ubiquitous wrote:
>>>> That's why networks ordered camera crews that were filming Sunday and
>>>> Monday's NFL games to avoid shots of the angry crowds insider sources
>>>> told Michael McCarthy of Sporting New
>>> You mean the networks decided what they show on camera? Like always?
>> Yes, and the article is questioning the motivation behind that decision.
> Yeah, funny how FPPsky's selective reading comprehension problems kick in at
> most inconvenient times, is it not?

Oh, fuck... do you EVER have ANYTHING of value to contribute?

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