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Subject: Re: NBC News' Noah Oppenheim under increased pressure to resign or apologize for spiking Weinstein expos
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In article<>, Ubiquitous<> wrote:

> On Monday, the prominent producer Gavin Polone published a blistering 
> attack in The Hollywood Reporter urging that Weinstein?s accomplices 
> ?be exposed?. Prominent among these alleged accomplices on Polone?s 
> list is Oppenheim. Polone alleges that Oppenheim sat at the same table 
> as Weinstein during the Time 100 gala in April of this year. The tables 
> at this exclusive event are relatively small, affording conversation 
> between all those seated. 
> NBC directed Fox News to its response to Polone: "NBC News emphatically 
> disputes the characterizations in this column. As Oppenheim said last 
> week in comments that were released publicly, the notion that we would 
> try to cover for a powerful person is deeply offensive to all of us. 
> And, as has been previously stated on the record, Oppenheim has never 
> had any relationship with Weinstein, business or personal."
> Oppenheim has not apologized for spiking the story, which was written 
> by Ronan Farrow, the celebrity scion and NBC News correspondent. Farrow 
> eventually took the story to the prestigious New Yorker magazine, which 
> is known for its fact checking and high editorial standards and which 
> published the explosive piece without reservation. Oppenheim then 
> contended during a private NBC News event last week that the 
> ?incredible story? Farrow published in the New Yorker was ?not the 
> story that we were looking at when we made our judgment several months 
> ago.?

There should be a ton of relevant material -- emails ands so on --
inside NBC concerning this decision to pass on the story.  If there
were good reasons to pass on the story, let's see them.