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Subject: Re: NBC News' Noah Oppenheim under increased pressure to resign or apologize for spiking Weinstein exposé
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On 10/17/2017 10:24 PM, A Friend wrote:
> In article<>, Ubiquitous
><> wrote:
>> On Monday, the prominent producer Gavin Polone published a blistering
>> attack in The Hollywood Reporter urging that Weinstein?s accomplices
>> ?be exposed?. Prominent among these alleged accomplices on Polone?s
>> list is Oppenheim. Polone alleges that Oppenheim sat at the same table
>> as Weinstein during the Time 100 gala in April of this year. The tables
>> at this exclusive event are relatively small, affording conversation
>> between all those seated.
>> NBC directed Fox News to its response to Polone: "NBC News emphatically
>> disputes the characterizations in this column. As Oppenheim said last
>> week in comments that were released publicly, the notion that we would
>> try to cover for a powerful person is deeply offensive to all of us.
>> And, as has been previously stated on the record, Oppenheim has never
>> had any relationship with Weinstein, business or personal."
>> Oppenheim has not apologized for spiking the story, which was written
>> by Ronan Farrow, the celebrity scion and NBC News correspondent. Farrow
>> eventually took the story to the prestigious New Yorker magazine, which
>> is known for its fact checking and high editorial standards and which
>> published the explosive piece without reservation. Oppenheim then
>> contended during a private NBC News event last week that the
>> ?incredible story? Farrow published in the New Yorker was ?not the
>> story that we were looking at when we made our judgment several months
>> ago.?
> There should be a ton of relevant material -- emails ands so on --
> inside NBC concerning this decision to pass on the story.  If there
> were good reasons to pass on the story, let's see them.

It would be nice to see the paperwork trail for these events.  In this 
case, I can certainly believe (in the absence of any paper trail) that 
Ronan Farrow probably did additional work over the time between his 
presentation to NBC and his story being published in The New Yorker.

Some of what Ronan did present to NBC, like the tape recorded police 
sting where Weinstein admitted groping a woman are not quite the 
'smoking gun' events that the press is now claiming they are.

Meanwhile, I read that Ronan is getting lots of job offers now.  I think 
the TV news outlets should be wary of hiring him unless they are looking 
for a dedicated show about sexual predators.

Side note:  I see that Roy Price has now resigned.  I'd love to know the 
real reasons behind that as well, because it certainly shouldn't be the 
result of either of the two reasons we have been given.