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Subject: Re: NBC's Today Finds the Secret to Happiness: Socialism!
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Subject: Re: NBCs Today Finds the Secret to Happiness: Socialism!
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trotsky<> wrote:

> On 10/18/2017 7:49 PM, BTR1701 wrote:

>> In article <os8o9a$rcd$>, FPP<>
>> wrote:
>>> Cops necessarily work in close proximity with other cops.
>>> Muslims don't necessarily live or work in close proximity with other
>>> Muslims.
>> A distinction that is not true at all-- there are entire countries and
>> regions of the world that are overwhelmingly Muslim-- and even if it
>> were, would not turn that statement from non-racist to racist.
>> If it's racist to say it about Muslims, then it's racist to say it about
>> cops. And yes, your exciting new definition of 'racism' is so broad that
>> "cops" will now qualify.
> I'm having trouble with your analogy again

Maybe that's because it's not actually an analogy, you retarded

> For fuck's sake, Thanny, you're getting stupider by the day.

Says the diaper load who calls everything an analogy, whether it is one or