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From: Jiggles Boo <apes@splcenter.org>
Subject: Edward Snowden may hold keys into 'unmasked' intel requested by SusanRice
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From: "Jiggles Boo" <apes@splcenter.org>
Subject: Edward Snowden may hold keys into unmasked intel requested by Susan
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The question of what kinds of communications got Donald Trump 
aides caught up in incidental U.S. wiretaps may be answered by 
the ultra-leaker on such matters: Edward Snowden.

Mr. Snowden, a former National Security Agency contractor, 
provided The Guardian in 2013 with top secret documents that 
showed the U.S. wiretaps a wide array of embassies in 
Washington, friend and foe.

The bugging would be done under the Foreign Intelligence 
Surveillance Act, which allows the NSA to tap electronic 
communications of virtually any foreign operative. Targets do 
not have to be suspected spies or terrorists to fetch 
surveillance. They can simply be foreign agents conducting 

Mr. Trump, as the Republican presidential nominee and then as 
president elect, would have attracted a number of phone calls 
and emails from Washington diplomats seeking any information 
they could then relay to their respective capitals about the 
unpredictable incoming president.

It is likely that these types of communications become part of 
intelligence reports.

Susan Rice, President Barack Obama