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From: Leroy N. Soetoro <leroysoetoro@bho-rejected.com>
Subject: With reports of journalists taking cash from Fusion GPS, is it any wonder the media isn't trusted?
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Subject: With reports of journalists taking cash from Fusion GPS, is it any wonder the media isnt trusted?
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2017 21:30:09 -0000 (UTC)
Organization: The next war will be fought against Socialists, in America and the EU.
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By Monica Showalter
A new poll from Zogby Analytics shows that the big three networks (ABC, 
NBC and CBS) and the top three newspapers (The New York Times, the Los 
Angeles Times, and the Washington Post) are less trusted than ever. The 
poll shows that for the first time, more voters distrust them than trust 
them. Bias, activism - and now, being paid off - if they aren't at the 
root of the problem, are only adding to it.

The bias of course, is part of a longstanding trend. We all know the media 
is leftwing. They take money from the Clinton Foundation, hire leftwing 
political operatives as supposedly objective hosts and commentators, 
ignore important stories, refuse to ask certain questions and don't even 
try to hide it anymore. It's why stories single sides of issues are the 
dominant 'narrative,' and activists are having a field day. The perception 
that Donald Trump was not getting a fair shake from the media is one 
reason why many voters pulled the lever for Trump. Last September, the 
Media Research Center found that 91% of the press coverage of Trump was 
full-blown negative. No matter what Trump did, the leftists ruling the 
mainstream press didn't like it.

According to a Washington Times report: