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Subject: CNN's Cuomo: "If True" "Bothers Me," "Their Accusation Is Proof, Right?"
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Subject: CNNs Cuomo: "If True" "Bothers Me," "Their Accusation Is Proof, Right?"
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Friday morning, the networks and cable news were rightly aghast at 
the allegations that were published yesterday afternoon against 
Alabama Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore, that he had 
molested a 14-year-old girl decades ago. Though Moore fervently 
denied this claim, the media seized upon the story without a hint of 
reservation, automatically condemning anyone on the right who took 
the charge seriously but still urged caution until more is known.

For taking that stance, conservative CNN commentator Alice Stewart 
was attacked by New Day anchor Chris Cuomo, who roundly accused her 
of essentially blaming the victim and being political, on Friday's