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Subject: New Jersey high school under fire for erasing Trump slogans fromyearbook
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Subject: New Jersey high school under fire for erasing Trump slogans from
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(CNN)When Grant Berardo, a junior at Wall Township High School 
in Wall, New Jersey, recently opened his yearbook, he noticed 
something different about the T-shirt he was wearing in his 
school photo.

The "TRUMP: Make America Great Again" lettering on his shirt had 
been digitally removed.

"He was disappointed. This was the first election he has been 
interested in," said Grant's father, Joseph Berardo.

Now the school is facing accusations of censorship, a teacher 
has been suspended and the parents of three students are looking 
for answers -- and new yearbooks.

"I want the yearbooks to be reissued and I want a letter from 
the administration explaining why they are reissuing the 
yearbook," Joseph Berardo said.

Before the high school's picture day last fall, Berardo said he 
and his wife talked to Grant about wearing the shirt and agreed 
that "as long as the shirt didn't have drugs or alcohol on it 
was fine." When the Berardos got the photo proofs in November, 
the Trump logo was there and they approved use of the photo in 
the yearbook.

But when the yearbooks were released this spring, the TRUMP logo 
was gone. And Grant's wasn't the only student's photo to be 

A Donald Trump logo also was missing from junior Wyatt Dobrovich-
Fago's vest. And a quote by Trump was removed from his sister 
Montana's freshman class president photo.

Montana had submitted the Trump quote, "I like thinking big. If 
you are going to be thinking anything, you might as well think 
big," to appear underneath her photo.

"I want to know who thought it was okay to do this," said Janet 
Dobrovich-Fago, the teens' mother. "I want the school to seek 
disciplinary action and to be held accountable."

Teacher suspended

A teacher who advised the yearbook staff has been suspended 
pending the result of an investigation, Wall Township Public 
Schools Superintendent Cheryl Dyer said Monday. She did not 
identify the teacher.

Dyer had sent a letter to parents on Friday, saying she was 
investigating the matter.

"There is nothing in our student dress code that would prevent a 
student from expressing his or her political views and support 
for a candidate for political office via appropriate clothing. 
Rather, I applaud students for becoming involved in politics and 
for participation in our democratic society," she wrote.

"The high school administration was not aware of and does not 
condone any censorship of political views on the part of our 
students. This includes statements that they might make or 
clothing with references to candidates for public office that 
they might wear."

The school's dress code does prohibit references to illegal 
activity such as use of drugs, alcohol or weapons, she noted.

Montana Dobrovich-Fago had requested a quote from Trump be 
printed under her yearbook photo.

Both the Berardos and the Dobrovich-Fagos want the school to 
issue new yearbooks with the original photos and quotes.

"There is an opportunity to use this as a teaching moment for 
the kids, and for the teachers as well," Joseph Berardo said.

"This is a First Amendment, freedom of speech issue."

In a statement released June 10, Dyer said the school district's 
staffers "strongly value the principles of free speech and 
inquiry in our schools and society, viewing them as the bedrock 
upon which our community and educational system is built. The 
allegations referenced above are disturbing, and any 
inappropriate challenge to these principles will be rectified as 
swiftly and thoroughly as possible."

'This is for every student'

Dyer said neither she nor the school's administrators were 
involved in the alteration of the photos.

"We were not aware of it until the books were distributed, we do 
not condone it, and we working on a remedy to the issue," she 
told CNN Sunday. "I cannot discuss personnel matters, but I take 
this very seriously and it will be addressed appropriately."

Donald Trump was not completely removed from the yearbook. One 
page mentions the 2016 presidential election.

Joseph Berardo said he asked the school whether students' shirts 
supporting Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders had been changed 
but "we haven't seen that. No one has said anything, but it's 
still the same issue."

"This is not just about my kids. This is for every student," 
said Janet Dobrovich-Fago.

Both families plan to meet with the principal and the yearbook 
adviser this week.