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Subject: Re: President Trump reveals winners of his "Fake News" awards
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On 1/18/18 6:08 PM, FPP wrote:
> On 1/18/18 11:19 AM, trotsky wrote:
>> On 1/18/18 7:01 AM, FPP wrote:
>>> On 1/18/18 6:51 AM, Ubiquitous wrote:
>>>> Your inability to refute the points speaks volumes.
>>>> Looks like you lost another one.
>>>> Ad hominems noted.
>>>> Deflection noted.
>>>> Nonresponse noted.
>>>> Get back to us when you have a real argument to make.
>>> Uh-oh! Looks like someone was "triggered" after losing another debate
>>> with me!
>> I think instead of his troll o meter that looks like an anus Pubie
>> should keep a running total like McDonald's used to do of number of
>> debates lost.
> I find the best way to deal with Ubi is to just RESPOND to one of his 
> cut and paste posts with ANOTHER of his cut and paste posts.
> I keep them on file now.

You have to give him credit for one thing, after about five years or so 
he's now capable of spelling "losing".