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From: Brazil, Shemale Capital Of The World <tee-hee-hee@tb12sports.com>
Subject: Colonoscopy In Boston
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From: "Brazil, Shemale Capital Of The World" <tee-hee-hee@tb12sports.com>
Subject: Colonoscopy In Boston
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Being nervous, and embarrassed about my up-coming colonoscopy, 
on a recommendation, I decided to have it done while visiting 
friends in Boston, where the beautiful nurses are allegedly more 
gentle and accommodating.

As I lay naked on my side on the table, the nurse began my 

"Don't worry, at this stage of the procedure it's quite normal 
to get an erection," the nurse told me.

"I don't have an erection," I replied.

"I do." replied the nurse.

Don't get a colonoscopy in Boston.