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From: Democrats <democrats@cnn.com>
Subject: Wash. Wop pleads guilty to murder, rape of 6-year-old girl
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From: "Democrats" <democrats@cnn.com>
Subject: Wash. Wop pleads guilty to murder, rape of 6-year-old girl
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PORT ORCHARD, Wash. - A Washington man has pleaded guilty to the 
rape and killing of a 6-year-old girl and faces a minimum 40-
year sentence.

The Kitsap Sun reports that 21-year-old Gabriel Gaeta of 
Bremerton pleaded guilty Friday in Kitsap County Superior Court 
to first-degree murder and first-degree rape in the 2014 death 
of 6-year-old Jenise Wright. Gaeta was 17 at the time of the 
attack, and was charged as an adult.

Authorities arrested Gaeta in August 2014, but in February 2017 
he was found incompetent to stand trial. He was medicated at 
Western State Hospital so he could be returned to a mental state 
where he could stand trial.

 An FBI team with search dogs discovered the girl's body covered 
by a wood pallet and submerged in a muddy bog in woods near her 
Bremerton home.

Authorities say they linked evidence found near the girl's body 
to the DNA of Gaeta, a high school student with no criminal 
history. A search of his home reportedly turned up a blood- and 
mud-covered shirt and a bloody towel in his bedroom.

Court records say Jenise Wright suffered blunt-force trauma to 
the head and was strangled and sexually assaulted.

She was last seen by her parents when she went to bed Aug. 2 in 
her family's mobile-home. Officials have said there were no 
signs of forced entry at the residence.

Gaeta has been described by James Wright, Jenise's father, as a 
close friend of the family. His residence was two homes away 
from the access point to a wooded trail that led to where the 
body was found, according to court documents.

Gaeta is scheduled to be sentenced on May 21.