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From: Ion Saliu <ionsaliu@gmail.com>
Subject: The Best Blackjack Basic Strategy
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Subject: The Best Blackjack Basic Strategy
From: Ion Saliu <ionsaliu@gmail.com>
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The blackjack basic strategy (BBS) is a must for each and every blackjack player. No gambler should
enter a casino and sit at a blackjack table without solid knowledge of BBS.

Learning the basic strategy is considered a very difficult process by many. The problem is caused by
the wrong learning methods. There are many tutorials (printed books, ebooks, Web pages) that stress
learning by following spreadsheet-like charts/tables. The methods rely heavily on mechanical
memorizing. There are lots and lots of letters in spreadsheets with many, many cells: H, D, SP, S…

The best procedure of learning the blackjack basic strategy applies the ‘three color-coded
1) ‘Split Pairs’ Chart: If first two cards not applicable, move quickly to the next cheat sheet.

2) ‘Double Down’ Table: If first two cards not applicable, move quickly to the last cheat sheet.

3) ‘Hit or Stand’ Cheat Sheet: A final decision must be made now; a basic strategy player will
either stand, or hit.

Instead of memorizing a large number of letter settings, the player only visualizes actions. The
action to take (e.g. ‘hit’) is colored in red; the non-action (e.g. ‘stand’) is grayed out.
There is also a demarcation line between 6 and 7 for Dealer’s up-card (face-card).

The average person will learn (near) perfectly basic strategy in one week or so. The method is
guaranteed… and it is free.

Read the complete tutorial and download (then print) the three color-coded charts — all for free:

(The Best Blackjack Basic Strategy: ’Split Pairs’, ‘Double Down’, ‘Hit or Stand’; All
Decisions on One Page)

The Doctor in Blackjackology