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Subject: Re: The Best Blackjack Basic Strategy
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Subject: Re: The Best Blackjack Basic Strategy
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In article<>, Ion Saliu<>
>The blackjack basic strategy (BBS) is a must for each and every blackjack p=
>layer. No gambler should enter a casino and sit at a blackjack table withou=
>t solid knowledge of BBS.
>Learning the basic strategy is considered a very difficult process by many.=
> The problem is caused by the wrong learning methods. There are many tutori=
>als (printed books, ebooks, Web pages) that stress learning by following sp=
>readsheet-like charts/tables. The methods rely heavily on mechanical memori=
>zing. There are lots and lots of letters in spreadsheets with many, many ce=
>lls: H, D, SP, S=E2=80=A6
>The best procedure of learning the blackjack basic strategy applies the =E2=
>=80=98three color-coded charts=E2=80=99.
>1) =E2=80=98Split Pairs=E2=80=99 Chart: If first two cards not applicable, =
>move quickly to the next cheat sheet.
>2) =E2=80=98Double Down=E2=80=99 Table: If first two cards not applicable, =
>move quickly to the last cheat sheet.
>3) =E2=80=98Hit or Stand=E2=80=99 Cheat Sheet: A final decision must be mad=
>e now; a basic strategy player will either stand, or hit.
>Instead of memorizing a large number of letter settings, the player only vi=
>sualizes actions. The action to take (e.g. =E2=80=98hit=E2=80=99) is colore=
>d in red; the non-action (e.g. =E2=80=98stand=E2=80=99) is grayed out. Ther=
>e is also a demarcation line between 6 and 7 for Dealer=E2=80=99s up-card (=
>The average person will learn (near) perfectly basic strategy in one week o=
>r so. The method is guaranteed=E2=80=A6 and it is free.
>Read the complete tutorial and download (then print) the three color-coded =
>charts =E2=80=94 all for free:
>(The Best Blackjack Basic Strategy: =E2=80=99Split Pairs=E2=80=99, =E2=80=
>=98Double Down=E2=80=99, =E2=80=98Hit or Stand=E2=80=99; All Decisions on O=
>ne Page)
>The Doctor in Blackjackology