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From: Ion Saliu <ionsaliu@gmail.com>
Subject: New American Psycho: Don Schlesinger of Blackjack Fame
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Subject: New American Psycho: Don Schlesinger of Blackjack Fame
From: Ion Saliu <ionsaliu@gmail.com>
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Axiomatic ones, Don Schlesinger is a well-known blackjack author. He also sells blackjack basic
strategy cards on Amazon. Here is a weird price for you: “Buy Used:  $63.92”. Who would be so
stupid to pay that much money for strategy cards that are free in many other places? Here is one
such place where the cards are free — and far better:

(The Best Blackjack Basic Strategy: Free Cards, Charts; The best Method to Learn Basic Strategy in 3
Easy Steps.)

A well-meaning messenger let me know that a Don Schlesinger’s threat might target yours truly as
well. So here is what I found at “Norman Bates Motel”:


“David Kuvelas Breaks The Blackjack Code
Good afternoon, gentlemen; 

Don't know if this is new but I searched and didn't find the name of the video. This is a 90 minute
video of a guy using a 'no bust' strategy and claiming that it's better than BS, and in most cases,
counting cards. I put it in this subforum because I do believe that's it's VooDoo but does anyone
have any thoughts?”

Our Don (as in Mafia Don?) had this reply:

“Is that before or after I correct his brain-dead imbecilic, moronic, asinine notions about
blackjack? People like this should be shot and put out of their misery. There should be a euthanasia
program for scamsters like this piece of s**t. But, we need to end this thread. It's a waste of
everyone's time.


Since the new American psycho resides at the “Norman Bates Motel” of sorts, I made sure evidence
(!) persisted. Norman does eliminate things! Here is a screenshot of Don’s post:


The new American psycho is also a father-figure in the mad art of ‘blackjack card counting’. As
I wrote in this very newsgroup:

“Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) can be also caused by card-counting.”

Please read:
(“Blackjack Card Counting: (Curable) INSANITY”)

Why myself a target as well? Please read more:

(“Blackjack mathematics, gambling formulae, card sequences in counting cards at casino blackjack
expose deception by card counting authors, vendors, false gurus.”) 

(“The best blackjack card counting system counts all cards in the deck but still loses to Dealer
because of countless card sequences.”)

(“Norman Wattenberger, a narcissistic cuckoo author in the blackjack card counting deception,
attacked gambling formulas as random events cannot be formulized.”)

"I received a phone call
From one who claimed was tall.
Then, he cursed me even worse
For my gambling on the horse."

Ion Saliu,
Founder of Gambling Mathematics,
The Best Blackjack Player — Ever