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Subject: Re: New American Psycho: Don Schlesinger of Blackjack Fame
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Subject: Re: New American Psycho: Don Schlesinger of Blackjack Fame
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On Friday, January 12, 2018 at 9:04:15 PM UTC-5, Ion Saliu wrote:

There is NO doubt, the Nazis were PSYCHOPATHS. The infamous psycho resident here, Don Schlesinger,
adopted the Nazi position.

“If people are different from us, or hold different ideas and beliefs, they must be shot and put
out of their misery. Also, euthanasia must be applied to the undesirables.”

Ridiculously, many in the gambling world adopt violent ideologies and positions against opinions or
positions different from theirs. This very newsgroup and all gambling forums out there are mostly
filled with virulent attacks by ideas against ideas.

I have been, especially in the 2000s, the target of massive attacks. I have responded myself,
harshly at times, against such attacks. Furthermore, I have criticized other ideas, harshly at
times. But I have never — ever — advocated violence against anybody. Debating or arguing is one
thing — a positive characteristic. Violence, or even advocating for violence, is a terrible thing.
Violence or advocacy for violence is a form of deep psychosis.

I always wondered why the attacks against yours truly were so virulent. If my blackjack or gambling
systems were really bad, why would even a casino chairman attack me in my own forum? Why would
gambling authors or system developer or blackjack card-counters do the same?

And why would they go even further and try to stop or at least disrupt me? As you saw in the
previous post, one of them psychos even filed legal action against yours truly. A casinos chairman
even enrolled another gambling author in  a campaign to disrupt my activities. Also, a criminal,
known as Chip, very much disrupted my activity and that served the casino interests.

Here is more reading. In fact, it is more exposé based on facts.
James Bond Roulette System on Dozens, Columns ~
Threats From Casino Chairman Targeting The Roulette Strategy.
Anti-Gambler Advice from John Patrick, Gambling Author, Casino Mole Extraordinaire and Conspirator.
Fight-Off Threats From Chip, A Criminal Named Frank Accardi.
Set the Record Straight on Chip and Powerplay Roulette, Baccarat Gambling Systems.

Get well, Don Schlesinger!

Ion Saliu,
Founder of Gambling Mathematics,
The Best Blackjack Player — Ever