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Subject: Re: John Hillerman ("Magnum, P.I.") dead at 84
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From: anim8rfsk <>
Subject: Re: John Hillerman ("Magnum, P.I.") dead at 84
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In article <ou2stn$m25$>,
 "Jim G."<> wrote:

> David sent the following on 11/09/2017 at 05:15 PM:
> >
> > s-84-1056800
> > 
> > John Hillerman, Higgins on 'Magnum, P.I.,' Dies at 84
> > by Duane Byrge , Mike Barnes
> > 
> > John Hillerman, the actor who made a career out of playing snooty
> > types, including Tom Selleck's fastidious estate caretaker Jonathan
> > Quayle Higgins III on Magnum, P.I., died Thursday. He was 84.
> > 
> > Hillerman, who received four Emmy nominations in consecutive years for
> > portraying Higgins and won in 1987, died at his home in Houston,
> > family spokeswoman Lori De Waal told the Associated Press. She said
> > the cause of death had not been determined.
> Well, crap. I'll have to watch one of my Magnum faves and have a glass 
> of Scotch in his honor tonight.

But which?  One of the Higgin's brothers eps?

He has some good scenes in Digger Doyle, plus, Erin Gray, shorts, extra 

He gets the last word in the finale IIRC.

MPI isn't on The Netflix.  I might have to settle for AT LONG LAST LOVE 
(the extended length road show version of course) ...

Every season is on The Amazon Prime!  And every episode is ... not 
available.  Rat bastards.

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