Subject: Re: John Hillerman ("Magnum, P.I.") dead at 84
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Subject: Re: John Hillerman ("Magnum, P.I.") dead at 84
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2017 21:43:15 -0600
Organization: Good in theory, but not in practice
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anim8rfsk sent the following on 11/09/2017 at 08:48 PM:
> In article <ou2uke$10j$>,
>   "Jim G."<> wrote:
>> anim8rfsk sent the following on 11/09/2017 at 07:00 PM:
>>> In article <ou2stn$m25$>,
>>>    "Jim G."<> wrote:
>>>> Well, crap. I'll have to watch one of my Magnum faves and have a glass
>>>> of Scotch in his honor tonight.
>>> But which?  One of the Higgin's brothers eps?
>> Nah. Those were never favorites of mine.
>>> He has some good scenes in Digger Doyle, plus, Erin Gray, shorts, extra
>>> Ferrari.
>> Yeah, that one's good. Feeling obsolete was classic Higgins. And Magnum
>> carrying him up all of those steps while he druggedly rambles on was
>> great. And, as you say, Digger.
>>> He gets the last word in the finale IIRC.
>>> MPI isn't on The Netflix.  I might have to settle for AT LONG LAST LOVE
>>> (the extended length road show version of course) ...
>>> Every season is on The Amazon Prime!  And every episode is ... not
>>> available.  Rat bastards.
>> On the Magnum front, I'm probably gonna go with "Black on White" from
>> Season Three. Some good Higgins backstory -- he recommended courtmartial
>> for everyone, including himself -- and all of the guys are involved in
>> one way or another, as well, even if TC *did* get conned into tearing up
>> all of those gas receipts in the end. Heh. And they try to pull one over
>> on Higgins, but this time it's for a good cause. And Ian McShane in an
>> early role (and the far better of his two appearances on the show). And
>> most of all, just a really good story about what war can do to a person.
> I considered that, but I remember it too clearly.

A real classic. It also had Agatha and Doc Ibold. They seemed to invite 
everyone to participate in that one!

> The Dark Web is providing me with something from each season.  There's
> actually an episode Higgins isn't in!  Probably not appropriate for this.
> So far I've grabbed
> Digger Doyle
> Tropical Madness - Thomas and Higgy quarrel over a visiting girl

Higgins loses again, but impressed me in the end.

> Pleasure Principle - Thomas and Higgy switch personalities
> Legend of the Lost Art - the classic with Margaret Colin and The Hat
> On the way are Letter to a Duchess (which is not the one with Jessica 6)
> and at least one of those B&W noir eps

Some good choices there. Grab the red-faced thespian one while you're at it!

Jim G. | A fan of the good and the bad, but not the mediocre
"Captain, respectfully submit that the attractiveness of the ship's 
occupant makes the rescue imperative." -- Lt. Gordon Malloy, THE ORVILLE