From: J.B. Nicholson <>
Subject: Louis C.K.: "two decades of ... alleged misconduct" -- what ofmisprision?
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From: "J.B. Nicholson" <>
Subject: Louis C.K.: "two decades of ... alleged misconduct" -- what of
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David<> quotes
> Parks and Recreation creator Mike Schur has apologized for including
> Louis C.K. in episodes of the NBC sitcom. “I don’t remember
> when I heard the rumors about him,” Schur tweeted minutes after a
> New York Times exposé detailed two decades of C.K.’s alleged
> misconduct.

Speaking of "two decades of ... alleged misconduct", Lionel of Lionel
Media in points out that
Louis C.K.'s misconduct was well-known (again, to those who keep up
with Hollywood stuff I imagine) and backs up his claim citing an item
from 2012. I'm guessing many of you know more about Louis C.K.'s

So another case of many people knowing quite a bit about this and
going years saying nothing. "Where's the liability of unions, club
owners, movie directors, actors' guilds (especially when it comes to
kids)?" asks Lionel as he talks about misprision (concealment of
felony by one who is not a participant in the felony).

I'm not sure that I agree with Lionel about "It's over. Kevin Spacey
is over." because I suspect that those in charge who keep their jobs
will still want to work with talents they know and will find a way to
give some of the accused some role even if it's paid under the table
and with no public acknowledgement.