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From: Ubiquitous <>
Subject: Re: Beware the Dreaded Chainsaw Bayonet (USA Today's RidiculousScaremongering)
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Subject: Re: Beware the Dreaded Chainsaw Bayonet (USA Todays Ridiculous
From: Ubiquitous <>
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no_email@invalid.invalid wrote:

>The gun gurus at USA Today attempted to explain, for some reason, not only
>the features of the Ruger AR-15 used by the demented coward responsible for
>the Texas church massacre, but the "possible modifications" one can make to
>an AR as well. Including, naturally, the ever-popular chainsaw bayonet.
>Wait. What?
>Yup. This actually happened. See USA Today's video below, followed by a
>small sampling of the internet's hilarious, meme-laden response...
>To be fair, chainsaw bayonets do actually exist. I mean, they're an $800
>gag gift movie prop but, much to everyone's surprise, somebody did really
>design one and does [attempt to] sell them.

Yeah, I heard about that yesterday. There are probably hoplophobes who believe 
that to be real.

>Anyway, on to the memes!
>(I particularly like the detachable blame thrower.)


Dems & the media want Trump to be more like Obama, but then he'd 
have to audit liberals  & wire tap reporters' phones.