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Subject: What Did You Watch? 2017-11-09 (Thursday)
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Subject: What Did You Watch? 2017-11-09 (Thursday)
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I watched:

THE ORVILLE:  This episode reminded me a bit of the original STAR TREK 
episode where flowers kept shooting love spores onto the crew.  The blue 
guy (Rob Lowe) is a sexual predator of sorts...and also turns out to be 
a liar.  In the end, I have no confidence that the two other species 
actually share DNA (even though that is exactly how I expected the 
resolution to play out) or that the blue guy was in heat the first time 
Kelly fell for him.

BETTER THINGS:  Sam and her three kids go to visit Sam's uncle without 
telling her mom.  The uncle (Nigel Havers of CORONATION STREET) and his 
wife (Jane Carr of DEAR JOHN) are extremely compliant people who 
tolerate anything, including three weird kids invading their home.  Over 
dinner, the uncle lets it slip that he has another sister than Sam has 
never heard about...a sister sent off to an insane asylum at age 16 so 
the family never talked about her or tried to contact her.  As usual, 
each family member is off in their own world.  Sam looks for her lost 
Aunt. Oldest daughter Max is still mad at her mom for not letting her 
boyfriend sleep over...which caused the boyfriend to sleep over at her 
best friend's house...which caused her best friend to be 
pregnant...which caused Max to blame Sam for the pregnancy.  Middle 
child, Frankie, is bonding with Grandpa over the arts of carpentry and 
fishing.  Youngest daughter, Duke, is seeing ghosts...literally. 
Mostly, though, the shock and awe of this episode was in how the family 
discards members in rather casual ways...and dumping a kid in an insane 
asylum is loosely connected to going on vacation without telling Phil 
and with how Sam's brother is absent and with how Phil was apparently 
cast out of the family for marrying a Jewish guy...and for how the other 
brother was never talked about after he died.  This family has so many 

ALIAS GRACE:  Episode #2 of this Netflix period piece based upon a 
Margaret Atwood (THE HANDMAID'S TALE) novel.  Set in mid 1800s Canada, 
the story follows the plight of a servant woman accused of murder.  In 
this second episode, we see the rough life of women, constantly sexually 
harassed, assaulted, and misused by men.  Sadly, the cute woman (or is 
it girl...these 30 year old actresses are playing characters that are 
supposed to be early teens) that looks a lot like a young Jami Gertz 
suffers severely from a medical complication.

BONUS FAMILY:  Episode #4 of this Netflix dramedy about a blended 
family.  In previous episodes the two parents were fighting for more 
time/custody of their kids and now they are fighting for less time. 
makes sense given that the kids (the boy at least) are horrible.  The 
way the coworker is trying to weasel his way into the woman's life by 
bonding with her son is a bit creepy even though he seems like a much 
nicer guy that her other coworker, the one she is having the affair 
with.  Meanwhile, the horrid son gets a pet snake.

STANDING STILL:  A 2005 ensemble comedy film starring Amy Adams, Lauren 
German, Mena Suvari, Colin Hanks, Adam garcia, Aaron Stanford, Xander 
Berkeley, Jon Abrahams, James Van Der Beek, Marnette Patterson, and 
Melissa SageMiller.  The plot involves a bunch of old friends having a 
reunion of sorts as they gather for a wedding.  Stuff happens, but 
mostly this film was interesting just for the look of so many familiar 
faces a decade plus younger than now.

LAST WORD WITH LAWRENCE O'DONNELL:  I saw a few minutes of this 
show...horrible load of garbage...bait almost as stinky and mis-guided 
as the stuff coming from Mitch McConnell.

What did you watch?