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Subject: Re: What Did You Watch? 2017-11-09 (Thursday)
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From: anim8rfsk <>
Subject: Re: What Did You Watch? 2017-11-09 (Thursday)
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In article <ou4eak$uq5$>,
 Ian J. Ball<IJBall@mac.invalid> wrote:

> Gotham - "Stop Hitting Yourself". An episode that's actually very light 
> on Gordon,

and Bullock, and even lighter on Batboy and Alfred

 as we focus on the "fight club" where Grundy, Riddler and 
> Dr. Leslie are hanging out. Penguin orders the female trio of Barbara, 
> Tabby, and CatGrrl to go to the club to pinch Riddler. But there, Tabby 
> discovers that "Butch" is still "alive", and Barbara discovers that 
> Leslie has been hangin' out there, so they get sidetracked. Eventually, 
> Penguin sends Firefly(?)

Yes.  Not sure if she's dead

 too, when the three ladies "fail" in their 
> mission's time-limit, but Leslie and the three babes stand up to 
> Firefly, and save Riddler. Now the three dames are off Penguin's 
> payroll, and Leslie is running the fight club.

Pengy should be able to take the whole place out pretty easily.

>    Meanwhile, Gordon displaces Bullock as Captain, after Gordon loses 
> faith in Bullock. And Penguin takes on a very young "apprentice" (was 
> this kid some kind of "Easter egg" for the comics fans?...),

I hope so but I don't know ... they only called him 'Martin' which isn't 
much to go on.  One site says Martin will eventually become the "Emperor 
Penguin" and I have *no* clew what that means.

 and likely 
> figures out that Crystal Reed's Sofia has been snowing him this whole 
> time.
>    Next episode: It looks like we're back to Pyg, as Pyg apparently 
> takes on Penguin head-on...
> Arrow - "Deathstroke Returns". An episodes devoted to the backstories 
> of Slade Wilson and Dinah Drake, probably the show's two *least 

Who is Dinah, the Earth 2 canary?

> interesting* characters. So, yeah, this episode was a total snooze, 
> especially when they bungled the revelation of who "Vigilante" is 
> (we've been waiting over a season, for *this*?!...), and then went 
> improbably awful with the "twist" in the story of Slade's missing son.
>    Yeah, this was an episode so bad, even I could hate it like Fred and 


> Jim usually hate this show - and the worst part is, it's not over: the 
> next episode is going to follow-up on all of this nonsense...  >:/
>    P.S. Why the *Hell* is Willa Holland still main-cast credited on 
> this show when she never friggin' *appears*...  :/

What the Hell is wrong with you that you're complaining about Willa 
*not* appearing?

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