From: Obveeus <>
Subject: Re: What Did You Watch? 2017-11-09 (Thursday)
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From: Obveeus <>
Subject: Re: What Did You Watch? 2017-11-09 (Thursday)
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2017 11:17:15 -0500
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On 11/10/2017 11:07 AM, Arthur Lipscomb wrote:
> On 11/10/2017 5:35 AM, Obveeus wrote:
>> I watched:
>> THE ORVILLE:  This episode reminded me a bit of the original STAR TREK 
>> episode where flowers kept shooting love spores onto the crew.  The 
>> blue guy (Rob Lowe) is a sexual predator of sorts...and also turns out 
>> to be a liar.  In the end, I have no confidence that the two other 
>> species actually share DNA (even though that is exactly how I expected 
>> the resolution to play out) or that the blue guy was in heat the first 
>> time Kelly fell for him.
> I was reminded a bit more of the TNG episode "The Naked Now" since that 
> also had people under the influence sleeping around.  Did they ever 
> resolved the Doctor's storyline?  The last time I saw her she was 
> holding the blob at gunpoint.  I don't recall seeing what happened next, 
> although he obviously made it to engineering.

He's a blob, so shooting him might not have any more effect than 
stepping in him.  What happened really wasn't resolved aside from 
showing the doctor at the end of the episode saying that she was not 
looking forward to having to face him again.  The funny thing is that 
this episode basically started with more of him aggressively pursuing 
her (to the point where she was talking about filing harassment charges 
against him) and ended with them having had a mutually enjoyable (though 
drug induced) sexual encounter.  It seems likely that they will end up 
getting together eventually.