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Subject: Re: What Did You Watch? 2017-11-09 (Thursday)
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Subject: Re: What Did You Watch? 2017-11-09 (Thursday)
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In article <ou4jeb$7ek$>, wrote:
>On 11/10/2017 11:07 AM, Arthur Lipscomb wrote:
>> On 11/10/2017 5:35 AM, Obveeus wrote:

>>> THE ORVILLE: This episode reminded me a bit of the original STAR TREK 
>>> episode where flowers kept shooting love spores onto the crew.  The 
>>> blue guy (Rob Lowe) is a sexual predator of sorts...and also turns out 
>>> to be a liar.  In the end, I have no confidence that the two other 
>>> species actually share DNA (even though that is exactly how I expected 
>>> the resolution to play out) or that the blue guy was in heat the first 
>>> time Kelly fell for him.
>> I was reminded a bit more of the TNG episode "The Naked Now" since that 
>> also had people under the influence sleeping around.  Did they ever 
>> resolved the Doctor's storyline?  The last time I saw her she was 
>> holding the blob at gunpoint.  I don't recall seeing what happened next, 
>> although he obviously made it to engineering.
>He's a blob, so shooting him might not have any more effect than 
>stepping in him.  What happened really wasn't resolved aside from 
>showing the doctor at the end of the episode saying that she was not 
>looking forward to having to face him again.  The funny thing is that 
>this episode basically started with more of him aggressively pursuing 
>her (to the point where she was talking about filing harassment charges 
>against him) and ended with them having had a mutually enjoyable (though 
>drug induced) sexual encounter.  It seems likely that they will end up 
>getting together eventually.

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