Subject: Re: Louis C.K. movie, Ed Westwick projects canceled
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Subject: Re: Louis C.K. movie, Ed Westwick projects canceled
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On 2017-11-10 10:43 AM, David wrote:
> The Orchard No Longer Moving Forward With Release Of Louis C.K.’s ‘I
> Love You, Daddy’
> By Anthony D'Alessandro	
> After spending a reported $5M for the acquisition of Louis C.K.’s
> black and white comedy I Love You, Daddy, the pic’s distributor The
> Orchard has scrapped plans to release the movie in the wake of
> yesterday’s New York Times report whereby five women alleged sexual
> harassment by the Emmy-winning stand-up comedian.
> *******
> BBC Drops Ed Westwick Drama ‘Ordeal By Innocence’, Halts Appearance In
> ‘White Gold’
> By Greg Evans	
> The BBC is out of the Ed Westwick business, at least for now,
> canceling an upcoming Agatha Christie holiday season special Ordeal By
> Innocence and halting his appearance in the series White Gold.
> Westwick has been accused of raping two women, charges he denies.
I wonder how they're going to work around his absence in White Gold? 
He's the star/lead and the focal point character and narrates it via 
voiceover. (Think Kristen Bell in Veronica Mars.)