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Subject: BET game-show "Black Card Revoked" premieres January 10th
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Subject: BET game-show "Black Card Revoked" premieres January 10th
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2017 12:23:10 -0500
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BET Networks is Bringing "BLACK CARD REVOKED" to Vivid Life as a New
Television Game Show

Comedian and Actor Tony Rock Will Host the New Series Based on the
Popular Party Game

"BLACK CARD REVOKED" Will Premiere Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 10

LOS ANGELES BET Networks is bringing one of America's hottest party
games to colorful life with the announcement of the new game show
series, "BLACK CARD REVOKED." Based on the party game of the same
name, the nostalgia-filled show will test players' knowledge of the
nuances of the African American perspective - from pop culture
milestones and entertainment moments to historical facts and politics.
Actor and comedian Tony Rock will host the series, bringing his
signature quick-witted style to the game play and challenging the
contestants. Production will kick off in Los Angeles later this month,
and the twelve-episode series will premiere Wednesday, January 10,
2018 at 10 P.M. ET/PT on BET.

Since its creation by Cards For All People in 2015, Black Card Revoked
has set social media on fire and quickly become a fixture at home
parties. Although the African American experience is far from
monolithic, the game is a lighthearted nod to the shared commonalities
of Black life in America. If you know the answer to questions like
"How many fights did the Fresh Prince get into before his mom got
scared?", your metaphorical 'Black Card' will stay intact ("1 little
fight," of course). But if you've never seen The Color Purple or
Friday, you might get your card snatched!

As a witty celebration of African American life, "BLACK CARD REVOKED"
will appeal to all lovers of Black culture, bringing together viewers
from diverse walks of life for a fun night of laughter and spirited
debate. Each 30-minute episode will feature three (3) teams - each
with a celebrity and contestant partner - answering questions about
universal pop culture and historical moments, viewed through the
African American lens. The teams will square off and put their
figurative 'Black Cards' on the line for a chance to win up to

"BLACK CARD REVOKED" was brought to BET by David A. Hurwitz, who will
serve as Executive Producer for Alternative Productions, Inc. under
his Bill's Market & Television Productions banner. The original
creators of the popular party game, Latesha Williams and Jay Bobo,
will serve as Co-Executive Producers.