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Subject: Re: How can these sexual harassers save their careers?
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Subject: Re: How can these sexual harassers save their careers?
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On Friday, November 10, 2017 at 12:24:28 PM UTC-5, Ubiquitous wrote:
> In article <ou4lpc$liq$>, wrote:
> >Every one of the accused should promise to name 10 other men that they
> >heard rumors about who harassed women. It can be as simple as some man
> >in a bad mood speaking harshly to a woman or lashing out at her for
> >something she had nothing to do with. It would be best if the incident
> >happened so long ago that there's no way to verify it, better still if
> >the woman in question is fictional, dead, or has no recollection of the
> >incident.
> >
> >Lack of any ability to verify will be no problem at all, as these days,
> >journalism standards don't prevent rumors from being published in print
> >or on line.

> The correct answer is: Go into politics as Democrats.

No, that won't work either...

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