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Subject: Re: What Did You Watch? 2017-11-09 (Thursday)
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Subject: Re: What Did You Watch? 2017-11-09 (Thursday)
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The Orville (Fox) -- Covered by Obv and others above. I liked it.

SWAT (CBS) -- This time SWAT is tasked with tracking down and catching
fugitives. Is this what SWAT does IRL?  I could see calling in SWAT
once a baddie is located. SWAT isn't even full-time for many forces,
is it? You have to love Hondo at the end standing on a foot pad on the
side of a chopper sniping a bad guy holding a hostage and then flying
home the same way standing on the pad. I'd get inside, and sit down,
and strap in, but maybe that's just me. 

The squad has reservations about Jim Street as he isn't big on
following procedure. His jacket explains a lot about his life and why
he is how he is. 

We also have Peter Onorati as a rival SWAT team leader. He's in his
60s. How likely is that?

Grey's Anatomy (ABC) -- The 300th episode. This one harkened back to
the original cast that used to pass through the hospital doors. This
opens with the new surgical interns bonding and griping in the same
place the interns always gather on Grey's. They take off running when
a trauma call comes. Mere, Jackson, Catherine, Maggie, and Zola are
about to leave the hospital to catch a private jet to the Harper Avery
awards (Mere is a candidate for her abdominal transplant on Owen's
sister) when a trauma involving a car detaching from a Russian coaster
arrives. The two trapped in the car resemble George and Christina in
all ways and manners and appearance. There's a pregnant third party
resembing Izzy. Jo plays along as Alex is fascinated. As it turns out
only Catherine and Jackson make the flight and the awards. After a
long surgery, Mere's met by Richard and Bailey and they watch a feed
of the Awards in the OR with the gallery above filled. Mere naturally
wins the award, visualizing her mother in the gallery.

Derek is referenced on multiple occasions. Amelia is concerned about a
head injury to one of the Three which Owen poo poos. Turns out she's
right and was glad Derek was in her head (That's how he died from a
delayed brain bleed). Christina and Burke are mentioned at the end and
Mere receives a call from Christina. We see Mark and Callie in
pictures and Sophia returns to live with Arizona.

It ends with Mere and Alex kicking the newbies out of their space in
order to drink some champaign.

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