From: Dimensional Traveler <>
Subject: Re: "Parks and Recreation" creator regrets hiring Louis C.K.
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From: Dimensional Traveler <>
Subject: Re: "Parks and Recreation" creator regrets hiring Louis C.K.
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2017 11:06:36 -0800
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On 11/10/2017 10:11 AM, anim8rfsk wrote:
> In article <ou4m8c$liq$>,
>   "Adam H. Kerman"<> wrote:
>> anim8rfsk<> wrote:
>>> In article<>,
>>> The Horny Goat<> wrote:
>>>> On Thu, 9 Nov 2017 17:59:09 -0800, Dimensional Traveler
>>>><> wrote:
>>>>> Honestly, we are rapidly approaching the point where a pissed off ex can
>>>>> kill someone's career just by saying they had consensual sex with
>>>>> someone but decided years later they didn't like it.  Going to start
>>>>> needing NDAs just to break up with someone you are dating.
>>>> And based on the Spacey affair must be kept for decades afterwards.
>>> Most NDAs are permanent.  Some are "until the project you worked on is
>>> released" but I've got some of those where the project weren't never
>>> released, so they become permanent as well.
>> You weren't supposed to disclose the existence of the NDA!
> Yeah, they never say that, and you'd think they actually would.
If they make you deny the existence of the NDA, then they can't sue you 
for violating it since it officially didn't exist.

Inquiring minds want to know while minds with a self-preservation 
instinct are running screaming.