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Subject: Historian David McCullough to Republicans in Congress: 'Stand up' toPresident Trump
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Subject: Historian David McCullough to Republicans in Congress: Stand up to
President Trump
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The Pulitzer Prize-winning TV author of the biographies Truman 
and John Adams is most definitely not a fan of Trump’s 
presidency. He believes the former reality-television star 
and real-estate mogul is devaluing the dignity of the Oval 
Office through his actions and misstatements about basic 
facts.  "It’s as if we put someone in the pilot seat who’s 
never flown a plane and who doesn’t seem to know where we’re 
on our way to, and who frequently tells us either inaccurate 
or grossly misleading information about how the flight is 
going," he said. “Irresponsible words matter, and it cannot 
be permitted to go on."  But the historian is in some ways 
more upset with members of Congress, particularly Republicans, 
for not forcefully reining in their president. 

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